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THE DOLMEN, by Michael Tilbury   Countless times were we berated and warned not to go near that hill where stands the great dolmen yet we, so young, stole away on a fine summer’s day and came upon that tomb but what we saw, unbeknown was only our doom shambling forth from that vast stone […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q32

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly helped get 2017 off to a good start, and we continue the trend with issue 32. Three stories, two poems, bonus artwork, and a bonus story! But before we get to the meat of issue 32, we need to unveil a dramatic turn of events. At Heroic Fantasy Quarterly we have a […]


THE DEATHS OF ALL WE ARE, by Liz Colter   Waking before dawn, I shift under the blankets that lie heavy on me; or is it soil covering me, nesting me deep and safe? The stone floor beneath the rushes leeches cold into my bare feet when I rise. Pouring from a pitcher, I dip my […]


SERAPH, by Ian McHugh   There was another frost the next morning, and snow starting to fall. “It should be getting warmer,” said Galya, following her mother to the seraph’s chamber beneath the keep. The cold made her limbs ache, even through fleece-lined boots and gloves and with several layers of undergarments. She could hear […]


THE ENEMY’S TRUE NAME, by Mark Silcox   I caught sight of the three Blue Mages ascending the slope while they were still more than an hour away. The mist of their breath drifted upward as their ragged robes dragged behind them over the sharp stones. To the people of the plains, the richly dyed […]


HARD CROSSING AT LUHINMOV FORD, by Adrian Simmons   1.   Cawella Five-Tongues inspected her two spotted horses while the armies waited for the decision of the kings. The horses remained calm, untroubled by the delays of protocol. It would not be a chariot duel, so they had little to worry over. Across the field, […]


NIGHTFOREST, by Andrew Stockton   There are parts of forests, As there are parts of minds, In which it is foolish to tread.   The horseman, strangely attired, a traveller’s smell, not knowing this land, reigned his anxious horse to a standstill. Above, colour bled from the sky: like a tired eye, its sallowness darkened […]


THE NORTHMAN’S DAUGHTER, by Joshua Hampton   Ever since my hair could take a braid, my dah showed me of swords and shields and spears sharp as dragons’ tails,

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q31

Well, the Skelos Chicken Fried Cthulhu anthology fought the good fight, but in the end didn’t make it.  Ah, but what gives victory its sweetness but the bitterness of defeat? May we point out that, if southwest Mythos action is what you are craving, Raphael Ordoñez’ story “Heart of Tashyas” has got you covered! ______________ […]


THOKMAY, by Dennis Mombauer Up ahead, the monastery rose into the snow-veiled sky, a solid shape amidst the whirling whiteness. Thokmay, Ngari und Dorje had wrapped themselves in layers of fur-lined cowls, but the cold still crept in, rasped over their skin and made their bones feel brittle. “Thokmay, our most promising pupil.” The high […]

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