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AN ORACLE, by Ann Keith   Putting your concentrated might Into your spirit, you will fight The whole day long, and into the night, And all the night till dawn. Though the heavens rock and the clouds be rent And the driving icy rain be sent Against your face like splinters of flint, You will […]


THE ROYAL DOORS, by Eliza Victoria You fold your hands and talk of your sorrows. That is the only way to get through the day these days and the only way to get through the door. Oak and birch, painted silver, as large as a cathedral and just as heartless and empty. A face appears […]


A TALE AT BEDTIME, by Mary Soon Lee   Lie still and listen well. “Yes, Mama, I know,” said Prince Keng.   Before the dragons flew to King Nariz, before the time of demons, Batar was the greatest horse lord who ever rode the eastern plains, yet he thirsted for more power. So Batar fell […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q25

On top of the floods of spring, the heat of summer has now fallen upon Oklahoma like the very hammer-strike of Grond!  Yet we push through the heat, scouring the world to find the best sword and sorcery fiction to bring to you.  And again, we succeed!  The HFQ ship sails into port with a […]


BEAST HUNTER’S SONG, by Michael Liguori “You’re a big fellow,” the serving girl said. She was a new face in the brothel, and though she stood a bit short for Sedrick’s tastes, her comely face and warm eyes and silky curls of auburn hair more than made up for that. Not to mention her bosom. […]


WHITE ELEPHANTS, by Linda Donahue Driving gilded chariots, gaudy embassy guards rode across the Persian desert.  A shaded chariot, drawn by four horses in silk caparison, led a white elephant, its tusks decorated with tassels and capped with golden balls.  Silk curtains enclosed the howdah on the elephant’s back and a dark-skinned Mahout rode with […]


ENGINES RARELY SEEN, by N.G. Lancaster   The Grift came back from upstairs all red-faced, saying that he was going to help his whore dole out a vendetta. The whore himself, a wispy kid who was ugly but for his mop of chestnut hair, stood back on the stairs while the Grift made his declaration. […]


THE HARROWED HALL, by Cullen Groves     There was a shout at the doorway, then a shock of war-tumults, And a thrall came in running, from the threshold of battle, To the high-seat he hurried, and hove to in a word-wind, ‘With cold brands they come faring, and fires in their left hands,                 […]


DRAGONSLAYER, by Mary Soon Lee   It’s true enough, I killed a dragon — an old dragon with a maimed wing, mind you, crippled by some foreign prince.   The dragon came down the mountainside after it was injured, right into our village. I remember women screaming. And men. The smell of roast meat. Then […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q24

Death!  Death has stalked the realm of fandom over the last three months!  Yeoman Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) joins Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) in the afterworld, and King Author (Nigel Terry) now waits in Avalon for our hour of need.  Heroic Fantasy Quarterly soothes the loss with a full cargo of stories and poems, including […]

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