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AN ORACLE, by Ann Keith   Putting your concentrated might Into your spirit, you will fight The whole day long, and into the night, And all the night till dawn. Though the heavens rock and the clouds be rent And the driving icy rain be sent Against your face like splinters of flint, You will […]


THE ROYAL DOORS, by Eliza Victoria You fold your hands and talk of your sorrows. That is the only way to get through the day these days and the only way to get through the door. Oak and birch, painted silver, as large as a cathedral and just as heartless and empty. A face appears […]


A TALE AT BEDTIME, by Mary Soon Lee   Lie still and listen well. “Yes, Mama, I know,” said Prince Keng.   Before the dragons flew to King Nariz, before the time of demons, Batar was the greatest horse lord who ever rode the eastern plains, yet he thirsted for more power. So Batar fell […]


THE HARROWED HALL, by Cullen Groves     There was a shout at the doorway, then a shock of war-tumults, And a thrall came in running, from the threshold of battle, To the high-seat he hurried, and hove to in a word-wind, ‘With cold brands they come faring, and fires in their left hands,                 […]


DRAGONSLAYER, by Mary Soon Lee   It’s true enough, I killed a dragon — an old dragon with a maimed wing, mind you, crippled by some foreign prince.   The dragon came down the mountainside after it was injured, right into our village. I remember women screaming. And men. The smell of roast meat. Then […]


MORRIGAN’S SONG, by Colleen Anderson   Breathe in the moist air, smell the land within it. hear the movement of trees and animals all around far away, in daylight, the eagle’s call pins the sky deer ghost through the glen ravens call into the night as they settle into sleep you are before a cubby […]


SHAMANS, by David Farney   Countless tribes speaking countless tongues frequent xanthous shores of a long-burning lake. Come hunters, come nomads, come fishers too — unlikely neighbors enthralled by songs of shamans through whose lyrics tribesmen discover discourse.   But soon it seems the shamans sing too loudly — this common tongue strips mysticism and […]


WITCH AND PALIDIN, by Reilly S. Blackwell   Let me pull you into blackberry blood and tangled thorns. Let me teach you of skin and bone and meat that you saw, breathing, moments before it died.   Let me teach you that your faith and your willpower, your selfless conviction, are nothing against a bear’s […]


THE DANCER, by  Susan Carlson   A dancer haunts my dreams. In Enzabar she saved me with one sharp jerk of her chin during a routine of exquisite softness. The man who crept behind me went to his gods screaming, as all cowards go.   She was never a coward. When I stole her, she […]


ICE DRAGON’S LULLABY, by S.W. Smith   The sky was young, as once was he, and all the world a single shallow sea. The sky was black when, birthed alive, he strove at first to fly, then learned to glide.   He skimmed the waves to take his prey. Beneath his wings, Time skimmed away. […]

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