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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q29

Even as the summer heat beat us mercilessly, our will remains unbowed! We have ventured from the heat dome, through the wasteland, and we have again gathered the greatest tales of adventure to be found and brought them to you. Not only do we have a full cargo of stories and poems, we have a […]


LETHE’S CUP AND THE WHITE SWORD, by Cullen Groves   Was in the green of spring, Love walked the land And bent her great black bow in mighty hand; Dost think her smooth of skin and fair of face? But she was born of that long ancient race, Those giants who defied the gods of […]


SHADOWS IN SAKAMURA, by Matthew Wuertz   The moon cast Tsukiko’s shadow as a larger figure than it should have been, both in height and girth. She walked along a simple road, wearing armor and carrying a naginata – a pole weapon fitted with a curved blade at one end. She carried the sheathed weapon […]


RACING THE HEADSMAN, by Andrew Knighton   Bullets hissed past Sir Henry Torrent’s head like a swarm of angry flies. Some hit the floating prison’s quay, knocking splintered holes through the planks. Others vanished into the darkness, lost between a starless sky and the endless sea. At this range, he feared only a little for […]


SPATHA STERCAE, by James Frederick William Rowe   Many thousands of years ago in deep antiquity, yet still after the age of the Gods, a giant came down from the Frima mountains to visit oppression upon the Veirans. A thing of hate, pride, and hunger, the giant made sport and meat of they who would […]


THE PERSUADERS   we rise just after the heat of day has pressed life flat our deliberations inflating the indrawn breath of evening a cool murmur across the skies robes of scarlet, pale amethyst, robust plum we don against the encroaching night, realm of mystery and allusion   we gather darkness into ourselves Pluton’s immeasurable […]


WENCH, by Scott Hutchison   Nary a man doesn’t review the merchandise upon entering, wary eyes scanning tables and corners and me. They stride or stroll or slink in the door smelling of earth and blood, wet horse, rust, and a rankness all their own. They clap and call out Wench!–I pause, then saunter over […]