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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q34

You may have heard that winter is coming.   But you know what’s already here?  Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue #34.  Just what you need to get your through the dark cold days ahead.  But that’s not all!  We have traveled the world (again!) and compiled the best of  our best (again!) and now the Best-Of Heroic Fantasy […]


CRAZY SNAKE AND THE DEMONS OF OMETEPE, by Eric Atkisson   What has occurred before: Comanches, white men called them. Lords of the Southern Plains. Warriors and horsemen the likes of which had never been seen, their name was feared and their deeds were legend. From the ranks of this mighty people came one they […]


HUNGER’S END, by Scott Shank   For nine days they had tasted no bread. For five days they had tasted no flesh. The last of their arrows they had lost to the sun-eating canopy, for the little blackcaps that flitted among the branches were too swift. Of other game, there was no trace. No creature […]


DRAGON IN AMBER, by Patrice Sarath   I raised my head and looked at the man who entered my iron prison. My captors had put rings through the once-supple leathery skin of my wings and at the base of my spiked tail, and threaded the iron chains through them so that even a small movement […]


THE BARGHEST REVENGE, by Adam Vine   I. The Barghest rose from stirring gloom Through creeping shadows of my room The dangling keys about his wrists Like tiny bells foretelling doom. O’er to my bed he slithered, black His skin mottled like mordant wax All tufts of hair in ancient cysts Sprouting from nose, toes, […]


GREAT POET EMPEROR, by Meg Moseman   The Great Poet Emperor sways on his throne, borne on filigreed pillars by twenty-foot djinn across the wide ocean the octopus roams– across the wild blue sea! The Great Poet Emperor ceaselessly scribbles the tower of paper he conjured from hell with a bottomless bottle of lavender ink– […]


Gæscligcrymblingas, by Ariel Bolton   Hwæt! A is for Alhwin, whom nematodes ate That’s not an untypical Old English fate And Æ is young Ælfred, attacked by his thanes B is for Byrhtnoth, beheaded by Danes C is for Cynewulf, caught with a wench D is for Dufenal, duped by the French E is for […]