Fall is here and with it comes Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 14!  If cooler weather, football, and the renewed availability of Octoberfest beers aren’t enough to lift your spirits, surely three free tales and a couple of poems will help you along. Check out our harvest:

Fiction Contents

When a lifetime of adventure catches up to you, it’s hard to make the future look rosy through the bottom of a glass.

Not all struggles involve feats of arms, and the hardest battles of wits are often fought against oneself.

DEATH AND DIGNITY, by Michael R. Fletcher
Khraen the recently reanimated hero of Death at the Pass continues his shambling journey through the unlife, and this time he doesn’t have the safety of anonymity to protect him.

Poetry Contents

THE SWORDSWOMAN, by Jessica Salmonson
Smart men know what to do when they can’t accomplish a task — they ask a chick to take over!

SHADAKAR, by Barry King
And other men can’t discern their own failings . . .

Jonas Jakobsson is back for issue 14 with Griffin Slayer as our banner art.  If you want to check out more of his art, you can find him at Deviant Art, here.

Random Rolls off the ol’ Rumor Table

David Farney found his HFQ T-shirt! His fantasy football team, The Domkopfs, is off to a 2 and 2 start; he’s looking to improve this .500 average, thus bolstering his Shallow Man alter-ego.

Adrian Simmons has had his head down writing.  Where can you find it?  Well, two of his rambling essays about the works of H.P. Lovecraft can be found at HFQ’s twin blogs (facebook and livejournal) and a third one is on the way.  He and S&S/Pulp Fiction superman Mark Finn packed the longhouse for their combo reading at FenCon 2012, then usurped one of the boardrooms for an all-night party. Adrian’s quest to become a classic AD&D bard is nearing fruition — he completed Professional Engineering education a few months ago and just completed first test of new skills (translation: interviewed and in the running for related position)!

William Ledbetter has been pushing tin like it’s going out of style!  He has sold two non-fiction articles to Baen Books. One is about robotic missions to explore Pluto and Mercury and the other discusses the differences and similarities between the Writers of the Future contest and the Jim Baen Memorial Writers contest. Publication dates are not yet known, but we at HFQ will keep you in the loop.

For you SF/F novelists, the notable Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency is actively seeking new clients. Information can be found at their website here.

The holidays are coming and do you know what makes a great present?  Scrumbrawl makes a great present. In fact it makes an awesome present!  Want to make short work of stocking-stuffing?  Jam an HFQ T-Shirt in that hearth-sock and watch the available space quickly diminish!

With that, we’ll sign off with best wishes for a fiendishly fun October and warm fellowship with friends and family for the rest of the year. As always, thanks for stopping by. Now go forth and read HFQ Issue 14 — see you in 2013!


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