2012 draws to a close, and 2013 starts!  It was a good year for SF/F fans, with John Carter, Brave, and The Hobbit, and four issues of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.  And we keep the trend going with three great new stories and two poems.

Fiction Contents

Dusts of War, by Ben Godby
Get your new year started with the kind of moral ambiguity that only this tale of sorcery noir can deliver!

Shadows and Hellfire, by R. Michael Burns
The warrior Hokage and his cursed blade are back for a descent into the afterlife that will try the iron of both!  This is the third Hakoge story that we’ve published.  Check out the other two here and here.

Kingdom of Graves, by David Charlton
Last but far from least, fantasy newcomer Charlton delivers some solid S&S half-orc action! A mysterious plague means extra coin in the pouch for Rakhar, but in perilous times even a gravedigger can rise to the level of hero.

Poetry Contents

Yashub-Geb, by James Hutchings
What’s the saying — better to burn out than fade away? In this piece, HFQ may have just discovered a new favorite dragon.

The Bull of Conflict, by Lorna Smithers
A warrior’s wisdom survives the ages to counsel us today.


This quarter we keep it real with the aptly named “Orc vs. Ogre Magi”.  Bring it!

Jesse “The Drawbarian” Turner has worked in games, cartoons, and film. He currently wields his artistic axe under the banner of Slick Entertainment and has brought a goblin-stomping, gun-toting war turtle to the mobile scene in “Shellrazer”. He resides in rainy Vancouver, drinks whiskey, and draws all the time.

Happenings around Heath and Hearth

With the holidays behind us and a bit of rest enjoyed, it’s back to the coalmines for the HFQ editorial staff.

After having mastered the engineering exam, Adrian Simmons finally got a professional engineer position in late 2012.  Sweet victory! He’ll be nosing around at ConDFW in February.

David Farney all but finished painting the money pit (much to the joy of his wife and neighbors!) and looks to continue an awesome year in sales.

William Ledbetter has articles about running the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest and winning the Writers of the Future contest live at Baen.com

As always, thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy the free goods in HFQ Issue 15!

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