THE SUCCUBUS, by Colin Heintze:

the beat of wings, I pray an owl
is cause enough to cower
a woman-thing both fair and foul
visits me each evening’s glower
how many bargains, devil-struck
how many hands that wicked fruit would pluck
from serpent-coiled boughs
to feel her breath against my ear
to hold her warmly close and dear
and root in crannies rank and sour
perfumed with myrrh and ambergris
these dreams come in the dusky hours
on wings of the succubus


Colin Heinzte is a lifelong science fiction and fantasy fan whose work can be found in Kaliedotrope, Lore, and Fictionvale.  Along with W. H. Minor, he also co-authored the space opera adventure Demon’s Bounty, which will be available this spring

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