I WALK TOWARDS DEATH, by Elwin Linhirrie:


I walk towards death with every step

An outcome long foretold

I keep my time in numbered breaths

More precious now than gold


Immortal once, or so they said

A life made mortal now

The curtain drops upon the stage

The actor takes his bow


Despite the prophecies of men

I take to the field of war

Knowing I will not return

That I will fall, to rise no more


Mortal men face this each hour

I am not one to complain

They fall in the ashes of battlefields

Drenched in the pouring rain


What is death, a hidden stranger?

Lurking near the fields of war

I surrender, come and take me

For I will fight your will no more

I’m a recent college graduate who majored in English, so I’ve always had a thing for poetry. I enjoy writing poems from the perspective of characters in worlds and situations far different from my own. This poem was inspired by a king in a unfinished story of mine, who is haunted by a prophecy of his death. His people fled a plague in their own country, and end up making an alliance with a mortal race against a common enemy. The ensuing war, as well as their relationship with their mortal allies, has a major effect on how they view their immortality.

I enjoy reading in many different genres, from fantasy to historical fiction. I also like to quilt. Often my quilting projects will be based on stories I have read or imagined.  I wrote one full-length novel when I was a teenager, but most of the time I prefer poetry, which I would often scribble on the margins of my notes while in class. My favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Lloyd Alexander, Brian Jacques, and whoever wrote the new book I happen to be enjoying at the moment!


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