Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q22

Greetings and happy fall!  2014 is winding down and Heroic Fantasy Quarterly has what it takes to get you through to the new year.  We bring you world-spanning fiction, some familiar names, and some new talent.

Fiction Contents

Crazy Snake and the Comazotz, by Eric Atkisson
Trouble brews in the Yucatan!  Pyramids brood in jungle and earth horrors await a lone horseman.

Shadows and Foxfire, by R. Michael Burns
HFQ readers are already familiar with Hokagé and his grim-handed adventures through medieval Japan (Shadows from Firelight, Demon-Fang, and Shadows and Hellfire for those just joining us), and we are proud to present the first of his tales.

Feathers, by Andrew Knighton
A veteran of many wars has to put all his craft and experience into fighting the unnatural plague decimating his land.

Handful of Spring, by Charles Payseur
A bit of a surreal piece; in a land where you have to go find the seasons winter is the hardest season of all.

Poetry Contents

Ice Dragon’s Lullaby, by S.W. Smith
Continuing a bit with the surreal, we present a poem of deep spans of time and an eternal greed that burns in the north.

The Lay of Hrethulf Glamirsbane, by Cullen Groves
A poem in the Old Norse style and by far the coldest offering of this issue!  This is Cullen’s second poem at HFQ this year.



We’ve always felt that the collateral damage a dragon could cause is never given enough play, but Jereme Peabody’s “Burn” hits it out of the park.

Jereme Peabody is a software engineer in the DC area and is also a freelance concept artist working mostly on video games and books.  He started his artistic career dabbling with sculpting, pencils, and even still-life oil painting.  As tablets became available, he crossed over from traditional art to digital by first digitally painting still-lifes, then through experimentation and practice, transitioned to landscapes and fantasy.


Goings On

David Farney:  Continues to consolidate his recent acquisitions.

Adrian Simmons:  Hot on the heels of Nowa Fantastȳkā, international sales continue with his story “Refuge” coming out soon at the Australian magazine Strange Constellations.

William Ledbetter:  In addition to helping run the show at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, William also has his hands in the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest.  The contest is open for submissions until February 1, 2015.

James Rowe:  After publishing delays, “Bristlecone” and “Will of the Shapeshifter” can now be read in the recent issues of Bete Noire magazine, while “Annihilation” can be read in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Meanwhile, Liquid Imagination will again showcase James’ poetic talents, when you can read OR listen to him recite “Spy not on Witches” (or check out the previously published “Berserkergang”). More poetry will also be showcased in Tales of the Talisman, when “Head of a Wolf” will be seen in issue 3 of volume 10. Lastly, you might just be able to check out James’ appearance on TV gameshow “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” in early January. Check your local listings!


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