THE DOLMEN, by Michael Tilbury


Countless times

were we berated and warned

not to go near that hill

where stands the great dolmen

yet we, so young, stole away

on a fine summer’s day

and came upon that tomb

but what we saw, unbeknown

was only our doom shambling forth

from that vast stone maw

it bid us, hither, come

so I stepped forth, unwise

against my friend’s pleaded cries

down into that cold, dark earth

with the stranger and his mirth



 I’m an avid fan of the ancient world and that of the age of space exploration, (currently enrolled in astrophysics!) I want to know where we came from and where we’re going. I’m hungry for both eras. Outside of my little bubble on earth, they’re where my mind wanders. So come along on my journeys with me. Either than that, I love brevity in my poetry and enjoy letting the reader’s mind take it for what they will.

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