MIGHTIER THAN, by Keith Kennedy:

Pile on — brothers of carnage
add your rage, make pure your
lust for death.
In times of consequence, let there be no other reason
but the one that delivers blood.
Feed off the ache of a dulled blade,
as it moans,
loosed from its housing once more,
to create poetry for carrion eaters to revel in.
Let your swift and deadly grudge be
a plague on those who dare to
rear up
within your sight.
And let not your vision of worlds without death be ever
by righteous privilege.
Yours is the true calling.
Warrior son of warrior.
Father of a distant peace.

Keith Kennedy writes out of Vancouver, BC where he lives with his wonderful wife, Nancy. He is a screenwriter and novelist and has published horror, sci-fi and fantasy short fiction. Check out his daily rantings at askkeithanything.blogspot.com.

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