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Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q35

Although Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is an international affair, its physical headquareters are in Central Oklahoma, and it has been full-on winter here in central Oklahoma! A weird kind of winter, too, cold, but no snow or sleet or anything.   Just the cold, and the wind and the threat that any little spark will light up […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q34

You may have heard that winter is coming.   But you know what’s already here?  Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue #34.  Just what you need to get your through the dark cold days ahead.  But that’s not all!  We have traveled the world (again!) and compiled the best of  our best (again!) and now the Best-Of Heroic Fantasy […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q33

Hello and welcome to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly’s 33rd issue!  We have scoured the world–again!– from the high shining cities, to the outlying hamlets, to the dark corners of wastes and procured for you the rarest vintage of great fiction and poetry.  Heck, we even added extra poetry! Before we delve into those treasures, we have […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q32

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly helped get 2017 off to a good start, and we continue the trend with issue 32. Three stories, two poems, bonus artwork, and a bonus story! But before we get to the meat of issue 32, we need to unveil a dramatic turn of events. At Heroic Fantasy Quarterly we have a […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q31

Well, the Skelos Chicken Fried Cthulhu anthology fought the good fight, but in the end didn’t make it.  Ah, but what gives victory its sweetness but the bitterness of defeat? May we point out that, if southwest Mythos action is what you are craving, Raphael Ordoñez’ story “Heart of Tashyas” has got you covered! ______________ […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q30

Welcome to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 30! Again we have worked our strange magic and conjured the best in sword and sorcery fiction and poetry. We bring two stories, finish the epic poem of Lethe’s Cup begun in issue 29, two poems, an extra story, and additional artwork!   Fiction Contents Lethe’s Cup and the […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q29

Even as the summer heat beat us mercilessly, our will remains unbowed! We have ventured from the heat dome, through the wasteland, and we have again gathered the greatest tales of adventure to be found and brought them to you. Not only do we have a full cargo of stories and poems, we have a […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q28

Spring is well underway, which in our part of the world means torrential rains, hail and the occasional tornado. Lively times, indeed! Also lively? HFQ # 28! We’ve got the final installments of “Crazy Snake and the Tribute for Pachacamac”, and “The Siege, the Gums, and the Blue”, as well as two new stories and […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q27

Winter is in full swing and a five-planet alignment portends great things. And the great things portended are now at hand! Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 27 comes to you with the full cargo of stories and poems, AND bonus artwork, AND a bonus story. + Fiction Contents Crazy Snake and the Tribute for Pachacamac, by […]

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly–Q26

November and winter is just around the corner. What can get you through those long winter nights, those bleak grey days? Tales of adventure and derring-do, that’s what! And we have them for you, in abundance! Three stories, three poems, special artwork, a project completed, and a new editor round out this issue.   Fiction […]

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